Welcome!! This website was created by 6 incredible women who are trying to reach out to mother’s around the world. From advice’s, tips, tricks, and food on the go these ladies have gathered up to bring to you content that is useful for you, and your family! They know that life gets pretty busy, and sometimes there is just no time whatsoever to complete a certain task. Cleaning, washing, taking care of the kids, working, spouses, and much more these ladies have done it all. Also, this site is for the ones that are expecting and planning to have their first child which we all know this site will give you some good ideas on how to handle certain tasks. They will bring you exclusive and reality posts without sugar coating the truth! Meaning they will talk about the reality of giving birth, what to expect, and how to get ready. From taking care of yourselves, and also how to manage time because it is important to have “Me Time”!

As this group grows they will be doing giveaways, guests posts, challenges, a mothers day special, and in the future motherhood bliss conventions as well as doing some meet and greets in your area! These girls have some big and incredible ideas that will make an impact in your life. Each with a different story, ethnicity, and ways on how they grew up you will be able to identify with them and get to know them better. In addition, they are open up to ideas so if you have something you would like for them to talk about go ahead and let them know! This site will be as real like you haven’t seen before so basically NO FILTER! Sometimes it is better to be honest about what motherhood is really about, and also what future mothers should expect. Keep in mind that not all stories are the same, but the experiences will give you a better insight on how to prepare in being a mom. 

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